Resolve™ is PharmMD's comprehensive medication adherence focused solution for population health. Resolve™ includes an end-to-end solution of data analytic surveillance, tech-enabled outreach to consumers and providers, and a unique performance guarantee for each quality measure conversion.

Using dozens of data sources, PharmMD clinicians leverage expert clinical workflow tools to guide telephonic and digital consumer dialogue regarding their medication adherence problems. Resolve™ delivers tech-enabled outreach services through a nationwide team of licensed clinicians, sophisticated medication adherence analytics, detailed understanding consumer social determinants of health, and coordinating care with the provider team.

Resolve™ has over a decade of experience in value-based care with a high level of focus on government programs such as Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, Managed Medicaid Pay for Performance (P4Q), and Commercial QRS.


  • Stratify™ analytics generate algorithms based on multiple datasets
  • Clinical focus only on conversion of consumers at risk for specified quality measures
  • Daily consumer population risk stratification and consumer prioritization based on newly available data

Consumer & Provider Engagement

  • Technology allocates nationwide clinical network of licensed PharmMD clinicians including pharmacists, nurses and pharmacy technicians address unique consumer issues
  • Provider collaboration groups patient panel for each physician office to maximize workflow time
  • Omni-channel outreach that leverages a combination of telephonic and digital interventions

Business Analytics & Reporting

Business Analytics
  • Real-time data visualization of outcomes and program performance across populations
  • Connects with hundreds of data sources to create executive dashboards and ad hoc analyses
  • Enables multiple scenario-based forecasting combining quality measurement and financial investments


Social Determinants of Health

Dynamic engagement with consumers that focuses on socio-economic issues for access to care

Quality Bonus Payments

Increased value-based care revenue due to improved quality measures

Cost Savings

Actuarial evidence of bending the trend of unnecessary healthcare costs by better medication adherence

Full Risk Guarantee

100% guarantee on each consumer measure conversion performance

Resolving Outcomes

How We Make an Impact


Ed has type 2 diabetes and is at risk for heart disease and/or stroke. PharmMD’s analytics identified a gap in statin usage for his diabetes and this prompted our nurse to reach out to Ed’s doctor. The doctor prescribed lovastatin to Ed and it addressed the quality issue.

Ed M.

David’s cholesterol medication refill was months overdue and during PharmMD’s CMR, he stated the discontinuation was due to receiving positive lab results. Our pharmacist convinced David the good lab results were a result of the medications, addressed the serious health risks with him and the consumer immediately refilled the medications.

David C.

Keith is in a long-term care center and was taking blood thinners warfarin and dabigatran as part of his daily regimen. PharmMD immediately contacted Keith's provider about the oversight. The provider agreed to discontinue one of the blood thinners. PharmMD's OptimizeMTM™ platform caught the therapy duplication preventing severe bleeding and other potentially life-threatening complications for this consumer.

Keith H.

Julie was taking a high-dosage of morphine for pain, but due to side-effects her physician changed medications to hydrocodone, oxycodone and acetaminophen. PharmMD analytics identified a acetaminophen dosage guideline issue, prompting our pharmacist to contact Julie’s physician to discuss alternatives and ultimately improved the chronic pain management.

Julie M.

Josh’s medication was changed from lisinopril to losartan for his hypertension. PharmMD analytics identified Josh hadn’t filled the lostaran which increased risk for stroke. Our clinician contacted Josh who was confused and followed up with his pharmacist and physician to close the gap.

Josh B.

Stephen was prescribed with lisinopril for high blood pressure but missed doses increasing risk for cardiac arrest. PharmMD’s analytics identified the risk and upon our clinician’s discussion with Stephen about his apparent memory issues, a pill organizer was facilitated ultimately improving adherence.

Stephen B.

Roberta is 67 and her muscle pain was being treated with methocarbamol, which increases the risk of falling for consumers over 65 or older. PharmMD analytics identified tizanidine as a safer alternative, alerting our nurse to discuss the gap with Roberta’s clinician prompting a medication change.

Roberta A.

Ida R. has type 2 diabetes and misunderstood how her insulin would regulate glucose release during the early dawn hours. PharmMD analytics identified insulin fill gaps that increased Ida's risk of complications and future hospitalizations. Upon our clinician intervening, Ida was educated about the importance of insulin and diabetes educational support. Ida returned to her prescribed care plan, improving her quality of care.


Mrs. Robbins’s heart disease requires simvastatin and clopidogrel to reduce heart attack and stroke risk. PharmMD’s medication adherence analytics prompted our pharmacist to discuss these risks. Mrs. Robbins supported the plan, improving quality and reducing her risk of hospitalization.

Mrs. Robbins

Margaret’s chronic asthma benefits from a rescue inhaler for flare-ups. PharmMD’s analytics showed a prescription gap and during PharmMD’s CMR discussion, our pharmacist discussed the issue with Margaret, prompting outreach to her doctor for an order to prevent asthma emergencies.

Margaret W.

Carla struggled with high blood pressure and her losartan prescription was out of refills. PharmMD’s pharmacist reached out to Carla due to medication adherence analytics identifying medication gaps and subsequently contacted the physician for the refill order and improved quality of care.

Carla S.