At the cornerstone of Adhere’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) solution, OptimizeMTM™, is the P3Link™ technology to support consumer-engagement. P3Link™ is our Adhere™ platform clinical decision support tool. Built to efficiently perform Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) for Medication Therapy Management programs.

Supporting both client-specific configurations and regulatory standards, P3Link™ empowers clinicians with real-time clinical decision support while engaging with consumers to improve medication adherence.


Better Health

Prescribed workflow keeps providers and pharmacists on track for better outcomes

Efficient CMR Workflow

Maximize CMR completion rates and increase Star Ratings

Robust Data Integration

Incorporates medical claims, pharmacy claims, and consumer-reported information


Deployable for internal health plan, clinical staff, provider network and retail pharmacy

Comprehensive Reporting

Sophisticated data management and segmentation ensures transparent outcomes reporting


Data Analysis

Real-time clinical analysis, enhanced user navigation

Call Queue Scheduling

First-in/first-out call queuing, user reporting, CMR scheduling

Rules Engine

Adherence monitoring, at-risk stratification and evaluation, CMRs, TMRs

Fulfillment & Compliance

Automated MAP/PML creation, mitigate data validation risk

Outcome Driven Results