Medication Misuse is Expensive

Self-Insured Employers, Health Plans and ACOs

Medication Risk Management

MRM is a targeted intervention approach that incorporates and prioritizes real-time pharmaceutical and medical condition data to identify Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs). PharmMD’s provider-centric approach delivers the fastest and most impactful gap-closure results.

PharmMD’s scalable and tailored solution provides the insight, visibility, and guidance required to reduce medical utilization, such as ER visits or hospital readmissions, and manage overall Rx trends and behaviors.

A key component of our MRM solution is the ability to provide a transparent and quantifiable ROI for each and every successful gap closure. PharmMD delivers a solution that fully aligns goals and objectives with transparent outcomes – the definition of a true partnership.

EVERY company experiences absenteeism in some form or fashion, and while many wellness programs are designed to promote total well-being of employees, the existence of high levels of absenteeism are still too prevalent. Adherence to maintenance medications for chronic conditions and diseases is at the top of the list. Read case study here.

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  • Performance-Based Pricing
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Outcomes-Driven Reporting & Quantifiable ROI
  • Scalable, Clinical Network
  • Monthly Dashboard Reporting & Quarterly Analytic Reviews
  • Real-time Pharmaceutical and Medical Intelligence
  • Targeted and Prioritized Personal Outreach



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Are you effectively managing your medication risk?

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Do you have a need for a population health management solution with transparent prescription drug and medical savings while improving the quality of patient care?

Prescription Solution Service powered by ProxsysRx is an add-on option with PharmMD’s MRM solution.

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