More than half of Americans take five or more medications and half of those are chronically non-adherent to their medications. Self-insured employers are seeing year-over-year costs rise as much as 20% annually and the traditional cost avoidance programs simply don’t work due to the length of time for ROI and the transient nature of many industry workforces. Further, traditional healthcare cost avoidance programs rely on limited data sets versus a holistic view that includes both medical and pharmacy real time data.

PharmMD has over a decade of experience with dozens of data sources encompassing thousands of data sets to determine risk stratification, prioritization and gap closure. Our programs include short, medium and long term quantifiable ROI solutions that leverage consumer behavior with provider practice pattern clinical decision support. Our configurable solutions address each consumer’s gap closure resolution with risk-free guarantee on program success.



Resolve™ is PharmMD's clinical decision support solution that guides qualified clinicians through medication adherence intervention using Stratify™ predictive analytics. Pulling from dozens of data sources, including medical and pharmaceutical claims, the solution helps partners reduce unnecessary medical costs related to drug therapy problems. Resolve™ is powered by QiLink™, a clinical workflow that combines Stratify™ analytics, consumer and provider input and national benchmark data to guide real-time clinical decision support. For more than a decade, QiLink™ has supported quantifiable outcomes bolstered by PharmMD's guaranteed value proposition.