Quality has never been more important, especially when it comes to healthcare.

All health plans and employee benefits plans face more challenges than ever to meet the quality performance requirements brought about by regulatory obligations, the individual needs of your members and rising CMS standards that demand higher quality – all while balancing your own financial health.

We have over a decade of success and innovation behind our solutions.  PharmMD’s performance-based solutions are completely tailored to meet your needs.  The success of the partnership is the ultimate goal.

Our dedicated clinicians will be your pharmacy quality connection across patients, pharmacists, and physicians for a healthier world.

PharmMD offers the right combination of impact-focused technology and resources that create the greatest lift for driving quality outcomes. By aligning the incentives of both the internal and external resources, we are able to produce real results that are directly tied to our compensation.

Key Services

Performance-based, Part C/HEDIS® and Part D Star Compliance & Improvement

Member Outreach & Management utilizing Scalable Clinical Network

End-to-end Medication Therapy Management (CMRs)

Audits/Analytics/Outcomes-driven Reporting

Drug Therapy Problem Identification, Intervention & Resolution

StarSolutions Suite

Medicare, Marketplace, & Duals

Comprehensive solution suite that drives pharmacy quality outcomes including prioritized outreach, and transparent reporting with performance-based pricing guarantees.

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Medicare, Medicaid & Duals

End-to-end solution for all payer’s needs regarding their Part D regulated Medication Therapy Management program that includes hitting new Star ratings thresholds.

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Medication Risk Management

Self-insured Employers, ACOs, Health Plans

Finding and solving any and all identifiable Drug Therapy Problems, with clinical intervention strategies geared towards reducing cost across the healthcare continuum.

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P3Link Platform

Medicare, Medicaid & Duals

Clinical documentation & decision support platform focuses on the member experience and improving health outcomes.

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