Study shows giving employees access to health programs can increase productivity by over 5%.

Study shows giving employees access to health programs can increase productivity by over 5%.

Posted Aug 14, 2017

Every company experiences absenteeism in some form or fashion, and while many wellness programs are designed to promote total well-being of employees, the existence of high levels of absenteeism are still too prevalent. Adherence to maintenance medications for chronic conditions and diseases is at the top of the list. The new study shows a 5% productivity boost when employees are given access to a wellness program. PharmMD believes a productivity increase would be even higher if employees are given medication oversight support in addition to a wellness program.

“Study shows wellness program boosted average worker productivity by more than 5%”

Wellness programs can increase companies’ operational productivity, suggests a new study titled “Doing well by making well: The impact of corporate wellness programs on employee productivity.”

For the study, researchers from University of California, Riverside, UCLA, and Washington University in St. Louis used health and productivity data from 111 workers in five commercial laundry plants in the Midwest to determine how the corporate wellness program affected worker productivity. The data cover the time period of 2009 to 2012.  Read more…

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