StarSolutions – How It Works

StarSolutions – How It Works

Posted Jun 19, 2017

Learn our comprehensive Star Solution Suite drives pharmacy quality outcomes including prioritized outreach, and transparent reporting with performance-based pricing guarantees.

PharmMD’s StarSolutions Suite offers a global strategy and execution program to maximize success across all medication related Star measures. Our full suite solution captures claims and eligibility data, assesses risk, generates prioritization, enables tactical outreach, and provides outcomes-based reporting. All PharmMD contracts are performance-based and specifically designed and tailored to surpass the needs of Plan/PBM partners.

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About PharmMD: PharmMD is a leading healthcare technology company providing data-driven medication adherence platform solutions that deliver value-based care outcomes. PharmMD partners with health plans, providers and other risk-bearing entities seeking to improve patient and employee healthcare through better medication adherence. Founded by healthcare and pharmaceutical innovators, PharmMD’s outcomes-driven solutions bolster initiatives in quality improvement and related regulatory compliance through better medication adherence. For more information, please visit