Physicians Still Override Most EHR Alerts, Study Says

Physicians Still Override Most EHR Alerts, Study Says

Posted Nov 27, 2017

For most, being included in a group text becomes annoying with the constant noise notifications of a new message. Some physicians feel the same way about the continuous EHR alerts when using electronic prescribing. These alerts notify the prescriber of potential medication interactions or patient allergies. However, similar to a group messaging situation, alert fatigue sets in and physician overrides begin.

According to the article below, over 70% of physicians ignore these medications alerts. PharmMD’s solutions add a human, clinical layer of support for physicians on the medication related errors that actually matter.  When we sound the alert,  physicians know these alerts shouldn’t be ignored.

EHR Alerts: Physicians Still Override Most, Study Says

Source: Medscape published on November 6, 2017


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