Why PharmMD Wants to Keep Patients Healthy and Adherent

Why PharmMD Wants to Keep Patients Healthy and Adherent

Posted Aug 30, 2017

The moment a visitor walks into the PharmMD lobby, they are greeted by a framed quote on the wall by the company’s founder, Clayton McWhorter:

“We are transforming the industry from a ‘get sick business’ to a ‘get well one.’ ”

While the health care industry may have its complexities, PharmMD’s vision is really quite simple: providing patients with the best information and guidance in order to live a healthier life. This concept emerged in response to the early death of Clayton McWhorter’s brother Fred McWhorter, who was a pharmacist and died as a result of a medication complication.

“He knew what was happening to him, but he couldn’t seem to get it across to the doctors,” said PharmMD’s CEO Robert Yeager about Fred’s passing. “On his deathbed, he told Clayton, ‘I want you to promise me that you’ll start a company so that this doesn’t have to happen to anyone else.”

And so, PharmMD was born. The company’s concept aims to bridge the information gap between pharmacists and physicians by using technology to keep both ends informed while also ensuring a patient’s treatment is optimized and safe.

“We’re trying to prevent our clients from being re-admitted to the hospital, and in many cases, eliminating the need for an acute care event all together,” Yeager said.

When there’s an informational gap, patients run the risk of being prescribed conflicting drugs. This in turn, can also put a health plan at risk, negatively affecting their Stars rating. To offer a solution, PharmMD works to address any communication errors by bringing the pharmacists, physicians and the patients together to provide the right medication at the right time in the right way.

“[Clayton] wanted to do something that would bring all the talents and medical knowledge to bear,” Yeager said. “He wanted to make sure we did our best to reduce the medication errors and complications and make sure people are being adherent and taking medications the way they are supposed to.”

PharmMD helps to keep patients healthy and adherent by offering performance-based solutions such as StarSolutions™ Suite, StarMTM™, Medication Risk Management and Medication Therapy Management.

“I’m not going to give up until the right things happen,” Yeager said about working at PharmMD and his commitment to Clayton’s mission.

About PharmMD: PharmMD is a leading healthcare technology company providing data-driven medication adherence platform solutions that deliver value-based care outcomes. PharmMD partners with health plans, providers and other risk-bearing entities seeking to improve patient and employee healthcare through better medication adherence. Founded by healthcare and pharmaceutical innovators, PharmMD’s outcomes-driven solutions bolster initiatives in quality improvement and related regulatory compliance through better medication adherence. For more information, please visit www.pharmmd.com.