Older Adults Are At-Risk When Combining Prescriptions & OTC Drugs

Older Adults Are At-Risk When Combining Prescriptions & OTC Drugs

Posted Dec 6, 2017

Older Americans who take multiple medications daily run a risk of interaction due to lack of communication with their medical provider.  In a study by the National Poll of Healthy Aging shows 56% of adults taking six or more pills including OTC medicines, supplements, and prescription medications are not discussing drug interaction with their pharmacist, primary, or a nurse. PharmMD has 10+ years of Medication Therapy Management experience.  Our effective clinician outreach provides a comprehensive engagement to help improve their quality of life through continuous monitoring and intervening when necessary.  Click here for StarMTM™ White Pages

Source: Michigan Health Lab “Lack of Communication Puts Older Adults at Risk of Clashes Between Medicines

Date: November 29, 2017

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