Medication non-adherence is a thriving concern

Medication non-adherence is a thriving concern

Posted Feb 26, 2018

PharmMD is entirely patient-centered. We connect and advise Providers of areas of concern and re-engage them into the employee’s health.  At the same time, we educate your employees on their medications and how to modify habits that will result in an increased adherence and improved health outcomes.  Review our case study:

“Views Why medication non-adherence is a big problem — and what employers can do about it”

By Miles Varn  | February 20, 2018

Prescription medications are usually a key element in the treatment of both common chronic healthcare conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, depression and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as illnesses such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. But patients cannot benefit from medications that they do not take or fail to take as prescribed. Of the more than four billion prescriptions written every year in the U.S., more than 50% of them are taken incorrectly or not at all, according to some researchers. Read more ….

About PharmMD: PharmMD is a leading healthcare technology company providing data-driven medication adherence platform solutions that deliver value-based care outcomes. PharmMD partners with health plans, providers and other risk-bearing entities seeking to improve patient and employee healthcare through better medication adherence. Founded by healthcare and pharmaceutical innovators, PharmMD’s outcomes-driven solutions bolster initiatives in quality improvement and related regulatory compliance through better medication adherence. For more information, please visit