Fundraiser for YMCA Literacy Program

Fundraiser for YMCA Literacy Program

Posted Aug 25, 2017

PharmMD was proud to co-sponsor Snapshot Interactive’s 31-Day Running Challenge benefiting YMCA’s literacy program.  Margaret Maddox YMCA Literacy Program helps struggling readers in the Nashville area to succeed in life.  This program provides tutoring assistance to hundreds of children and distributes approximately 1,000 books throughout the community every year. Snapshot’s challenge was an excellent contribution to help the children in our community. Well done, Snapshot!

August 23, 2017



[East Nashville, TN] – On Wednesday morning August 23, SnapShot Interactive presented the Margaret Maddox YMCA Literacy Program with a homemade “Price is Right” – size donation check for $1200. On the heels of their biggest fundraiser, the Tomato Fest 5K – this check doesn’t compare. But the road to get there is the interesting part. This check was 31 days, 368 sweaty miles, skipped lunch breaks, 26 employees and three clients in the making, only months after moving their business to the East Nashville neighborhood.

A group of SnapShot Interactive employees came out behind their screens at this digital marketing firm, to demonstrate that, small acts of kindness and support for each other are the stepping stones to bring people together and promote positivity and personal health on a small, but important scale.

This summer, the local business created in 2010 by Ben Rigsby and Mark Scrivner, decided to extend its focus on company culture by initiating something small to encourage the physical and emotional health of its employees. Newly moved into the Riverside church they renovated in the heart of Inglewood, a seed was planted to challenge each employee to run one mile per day for one whole month with a reward of $100 to the winner who completed the most miles. It soon snowballed into a concept multiplying the positive energy by using it to contribute to their new local community in East Nashville.

With only an informal pitch in emails to friendly contacts and close client partners, the team asked if those companies would be willing to raise the stakes by pledging to donate $1 to a special nonprofit organization for every mile an employee ran.  PharmMD, Vaco and Xtend Healthcare, three community-minded, health conscious Nashville companies gave a no-questions-asked, “YES, you can count on us to support you.”

And so it began, making it harder for the team to find excuses NOT to run, because for every mile they ran – three dollars would be a direct donation to the Margaret Maddox YMCA literacy program, an organization just a few miles down the street that helps neighborhood kids gain confidence and improve their grades by increasing their reading comprehension and literacy skills.

Out of 36 employees, 26 people signed up for the challenge, polished up their sneakers and created a group “RUN TRACKER” account for accountability (but mostly for utilizing the chat feature for trashing talking about who was going to win, get support for shin splints, snake run ins on the greenway, and neighbors complaining about 11:45pm last minute runs). Not only did co-workers bond, raise each other up and get their blood flowing and pump endorphins to their brains– their spouses even began to participate… the crew ran a combined 368 miles despite long work days and family obligations… meaning $1100 from sponsors for The Margaret Maddox YMCA Literacy Program.

As if that wasn’t enough. The seven winners who were set to win the $100 prize money, decided to reallocate the prize, and instead added it to the sponsors donation to the Margaret Maddox YMCA. A few employees then began to offer their personal money to make up for days they couldn’t manage to get out there for a run. The team members who weren’t able to join in the challenge offered support and kind words.

Moving into their new East Nashville headquarters less than 3 months ago by renovating a historic church, Snapshot pledged to not only offer creativity through video production, animation and website development… they have pledged to invest in their employees and their new community.

“Community and Culture is important to us, and our company is an intimate, supportive family of quality individuals. It’s a testament to our business and our clients, that this team-lead concept and effort spilled over in infinitely positive ways. We encourage other businesses to do the same.” Says Mark Scrivner, CEO of SnapShot Interactive and former Margaret Maddox YMCA board member.

One small act of kindness became a domino-effect of positivity within a small community and came to fruition with check signed by every participant and presented to Ronald Gooch, Development Director and Mosses Olomo, Literacy Program Director and the YMCA Board of Directions last night.  Together these two established community members have dedicated a combination of over 30 years of their careers to the Margaret Maddox YMCA, a pillar of the East Nashville neighborhood since 1962. SnapShot Interactive might be only 3 months young in the neighborhood, but the company is establishing themselves as new, positive addition to this historic and dynamic community.












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