Creating a Healthier World Through the Most Effective Use of the Right Medication

Guaranteed Results with At-Risk Partnerships.

We helped write the book on effective Medication Therapy Management in this data-driven age, now central to Star Ratings Success and Medication Risk Management. Our solutions are tailored for MAPD, PDP, Medicaid, Marketplace and Commercial health plans as well as Self-insured Employer Groups. Our pharmacists and clinician staff educate patients on healthy habits, remove barriers and intervene personally to keep member fully compliant. From correcting misfiled claims to monitoring your specific group for individual disease risks and medication conflicts. We put people first, one person at a time.


We review pharmacy and medical utilization claims for every member to ensure they are taking the right medications at the right time.


We inform and compel providers to optimize medication therapy for their patients and, in turn, drive change for the entire population.


We live by value-based care. The majority of our compensation requires that we prove claims-based behavior change and show economic returns.

StarSolutions Suite

End-to-end solution for Part C/HEDIS and Part D regulated MTM programs, including performance-based results for new Star measure thresholds.


End-to-end solution for Part D regulated MTM program, including performance-based results for new Star thresholds.

Medication Risk Management

Finding and solving any and all identifiable Drug Therapy Problems, with clinical intervention strategies geared towards reducing cost across the healthcare continuum.

P3 Link

Technology-enabled service platform for MTM, supporting operational efficiency and CMS reporting compliance.

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How to Predict STAR Quality Measurement Outcomes

About 10 years ago, CMS invented a star-rating system for Medicare’s private insurance coverage to improve care for patients. Each year, companies are assigned a star measure rating from one to five stars. If health plans provide high-quality care to Medicare beneficiaries, it’s likely they will fall into the four to five-star spectrum and earn a five percent boost to Read More


Older Adults Are At-Risk When Combining Prescriptions & OTC Drugs

Older Americans who take multiple medications daily run a risk of interaction due to lack of communication with their medical provider.  In a study by the National Poll of Healthy Aging shows 56% of adults taking six or more pills including OTC medicines, supplements, and prescription medications are not discussing drug interaction with their pharmacist, primary, or a nurse. PharmMD has 10+ years of Medication Therapy Read More


Unmanaged Type 2 Diabetes is Expensive For Employers

Educating employees about their medications and modifying habits will result in increased adherence to prescribed maintenance medications, as well as illuminating other blind spots.  PharmMD has a strategic plan to save lives and create healthier individuals. Read our case study. Rising Diabetes Rates Are Costly for Employers Source: SHRM published on November 14, 2017 Read More

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