StarWatch LogoPharmMD’s StarWatch™ analytics generates real-time reporting metrics that enable action-oriented planning, management oversight and a deeper understanding of how to impact Star Ratings. IntelligenceRxTM, our proprietary clinical rules engine, drives the process. It continuously analyzes pharmacy claims, member demographics and member/provider interactions to appropriately identify and prioritize at risk members.

StarWatch’s real-time information provides an accurate picture of your current Star Ratings to prioritize outreach and personal interventions, using the right level of clinician contact for member calls-to-action. Our report range is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our partners and the regulatory environment. StarWatch includes StarCard, a “speedometer” to track Star measure pacing throughout the calendar year. StarCard indicates your current Star Rating by measure, numerator and denominator, members at risk, and delta to raise or lower your Star Rating.

StarWatch Management Reporting:

  • StarCard Trend
  • Measure Qualification
  • PDC by Month
  • PDC by Member Supply
  • 90 Day Fill
  • Members in Multiple Measures
  • Year-Over-Year Acumen Comparison
  • Outreach Priority

StarWatch utilizes StarFinder™ PDE file omission intelligence with measure qualification reports to enable an effective action plan for your members. Demographic data is used to analyze fill trends and behavioral modeling. This deeper insight includes each member’s fill volume to-date, who has achieved measure qualification and who is most likely to qualify.

Relying on your monthly government reports to drive outreach activities is not the most effective way to manage your population, as they are lagging indicators. Real-time analytics are required to identify which members are most at risk of becoming guaranteed non-adherent. Contact us today to start the discussion on how we can partner together to create a healthier world.

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