StarMTM A No TypeResponsible use of medicine through a quality-driven Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program can help improve medication adherence and keep overall health care costs from rising. StarMTM™ is PharmMD’s best-in-class personal outreach service complete with a strategic, performance-based partnership model.

StarMTM™ offers you the clinical consulting resources, operational processes and tailored technology vital for a guaranteed Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) completion rate and true ROI. Our systematic and scalable approach integrates the power of targeted clinical analytics to meet regulatory requirements, accurately identify Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs) and efficiently complete your CMR.


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A key component of StarMTM™ is P3LinkTM, our clinical documentation and decision support software. Utilizing PharmMD’s proprietary clinical rules engine and most up-to-date drug database, our clinicians remain member-focused and empowered to provide a quality CMR. Collaboration is continuous from initial data transfer through data validation, regardless of program start date. PharmMD can accommodate any MTM program submission changes. Let our team work with yours for improved Star Ratings one targeted member at a time.

PharmMD has completed nearly 180,000 CMRs over the past two years with customized strategic management for over 124 individual contracts.

In the 2015 Measurement period, our Plan & PBM partners relied heavily on PharmMD’s ability to increase productivity through a quality-driven program in order to meet new CMS Star Rating thresholds. Many of our clients experienced leaps of 2 Star year-over-year improvement, which in many cases doubled or tripled a previous vendors performance. 

Additionally, PharmMD’s ability to provide surge resources enabled our Plan partners to add capacity to their own internal teams through the use of PharmMD’s P3LinkTM MTM platform.  The result is a perfect example of an ideal partnership:  technology, resources, and performance-based alliance all resulting in meaningful results that support improved health outcomes.   

PharmMD appreciates the opportunity to extend the reach of the client MTM program activities. Our decision support and documentation technology, combined with the comparative advantages that characterize our scheduling workflows, gave us the ability to maximize the outputs and outcomes from our clinical pharmacists.

We invite you to join us in our mission to ensure that your members are taking the right medication, at the right time. Together we can help build healthier lives. 

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Since the introduction of MTM in 2005, the industry has seen tremendous growth. Better health outcomes and reduced overall healthcare spending are the two core value propositions of the MTM services. Starting in 2016 CMS will add MTM as an official Star Rating measure with a weight of one. MTM may or may not increase its weighting in later years depending on how the measure is classified and on the new findings presented to CMS.

CMS has noticed that in the past, Medicare plans that offer MTM services tend to improve their Part D Stars Rating. This trend is not surprising as MTM is associated with many Part D measures already established including several medication adherence measures, disease management measures, and the HRM measure. Plans can use MTM as a tool to comprehensively improve their Part D Star Rating by expanding the MTM footprint to a greater percentage of members than those that typically qualify, or even to their entire member cohort.

“Many health plans are internally shifting the focus of their MTM  programs towards outcomes and anticipate that CMS regulations may follow suit … MTM can create better outcomes and tremendous value by efficiently changing patterns of prescription and  adherence…”

Chief Medical Officer of Health Plan

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