StarConnect A No TypeOur people make the difference. When it comes to medication related star measures, using the right interaction with the right resource and providing the best direction at the right time are the keys to success. StarConnect™ uses intelligent intervention by our experienced, qualified clinicians with members, providers and pharmacists to achieve positive health outcomes and drive Star Ratings success. We also offer solutions for Quality Rating System (QRS) here.

51% of patients do not take their medications correctly after being hospitalized


PharmMD’s clinical outreach network uses a scalable, tiered staffing model, informed by predictive StarWatchTM Analytics. Our distributed clinical network is staffed with a daily average of 500+ pharmacist and 150+ nursing hours, enabling a scalable and fully resourced clinician pool. StarConnect deploys pharmacy technicians prioritized by Star measure and member risk-profile. Our distributed network of licensed clinicians performs 100% of StarConnect interactions, providing advanced member and provider education and skillful coordination of care. Our intelligent intervention process results in plan partners achieving, on average, a 2 Star Ratings increase in seven months or less. Let’s talk about how you can get connected.

clinicians average 20-30 calls   79 percent of gaps closed   7 to 10 days member adhernence   58 percent members reached

StarConnect Infographic

In the 2014 measurement period, PharmMD deployed its StarSolutions suite of products across 20 individual H-Plans and 68 unique Patient Safety measures. The plans demographics ranged from national blues plans, regional blues plans, and regional dual/SNP plans. The results were a resounding success. In comparing year-over-year results from 2013 to 2014 measurement periods, our Plan partners saw an improvement of a 1 or 2 Star measure increase in 62% of Part D Patient Safety Measures. Additionally, 35% of the targeted Part D Patient Safety Measures maintained their previous years rating – 3/4 of which were at a 4 Star rating. Only two measures declined, and upon further analysis these attritions were directly related to formulary benefit design.

As a healthcare industry innovator, PharmMD delivers fast and effective solutions for both regulatory and commercial environments. Our pioneering technology, proprietary protocols and personalized patient profiles combined with outcomes-driven reporting provide a catalyst for effective medication decisions, all in a performance-based partnership.

With millions of healthier members as evidence of their success, join PharmMD in creating a healthier world.

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