With up to 40% of your Star Ratings attributed to medication-related quality measures, it pays to partner with a team that places value on measurably improved health. Better outcomes mean reduced costs for you and healthier lives mean more satisfaction for your members. That’s a powerful win/win.

PharmMD’s foundation is rooted in delivering the business intelligence tools and operational models needed to drive pharmacy quality outcomes. This foundation and market-leading evolution have positioned PharmMD as the quality leader in outcomes-based Star Ratings measures. The culmination of this effort is our StarSolutions Suite – specifically designed and tailored to meet our Plan/PBM partners needs. Our solution integrates the power of innovative StarWatch analytics with optimized Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and member outreach services.

We wrote the book on delivering effective MTM programs, a key component of Star Ratings success. Those best practices frame the functionality of our StarSolutions Suite. Our qualified clinicians use motivational interviewing to educate on healthy habits, remove barriers to adherence, advise prescribers and members on safer alternatives and intervene directly through our distributed clinical network. The resulting benefits include increased medication adherence, enhanced member safety, and improved overall Star Ratings performance. We put members first, one person at a time.

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In the 2014 measurement period, PharmMD deployed its StarSolutions suite of products across 20 individual H-Plans and 68 unique Patient Safety measures. The plans demographics ranged from national blues plans, regional blues plans, and regional dual/SNP plans. The results were a resounding success. In comparing year-over-year results from 2013 to 2014 measurement periods, our Plan partners saw an improvement of a 1 or 2 Star measure increase in 62% of Part D Patient Safety Measures. Additionally, 35% of the targeted Part D Patient Safety Measures maintained their previous year’s rating – 3/4 of which were at a 4 Star rating. Only two measures declined, and upon further analysis, these attritions were directly related to formulary benefit design. Download our 2015-2016 Pharmacy Quality Trend Report

As a healthcare industry innovator, PharmMD delivers fast and effective solutions for both regulatory and commercial environments. Our pioneering technology, proprietary protocols and personalized patient profiles combined with outcomes-driven reporting provide a catalyst for effective medication decisions, all in a performance-based partnership.

Which Solutions are Right for You?

StarConnect is PharmMD’s personal, clinical and strategic member outreach solution. When it comes to medication-related star measures, using the right interaction with the right resource and providing the best direction at the right time are the keys to success. StarConnect uses intelligent intervention by our experienced, qualified clinicians with members, providers, and pharmacists to achieve positive health outcomes and drive Star Ratings success. Learn More

offers you the clinical consulting resources, operational processes and tailored technology vital for a guaranteed Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) completion rate and true ROI. Our systematic and scalable approach integrates the power of targeted clinical analytics to meet regulatory requirements, accurately identify Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs) and efficiently complete your CMR. Learn More

StarWatch analytics generates real-time reporting metrics that enable action-oriented planning, management oversight and a deeper understanding of how to impact Star Ratings. IntelligenceRxTM, our proprietary clinical rules engine, drives 
the process. It continuously analyzes pharmacy claims, member demographics, and member/provider interactions to appropriately identify and prioritize at-risk members. Learn More 

StarFinder identifies omissions in your PDE file that could mean the difference between one Star Rating level and the next. Our reconciliation analytics are available on a monthly or annual basis and may be used throughout the measurement period and into the following year when claims run-out. Learn More

StarTracker enables Medicare Advantage plans to understand their population’s Star measure status in real-time. The ability to create and manage ROI projections at the measure and population level can make all the difference between one Star Rating and the next. With the ability to make key management decisions, the ability to empower specific departments within a Health Plan is easier than ever. Learn more

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