Our Story

At PharmMD, we believe every patient deserves personalized attention, the best information available, and reliable guidance from medical professionals to live a healthier life.

This deeply held conviction guided Fred McWhorter, the man who inspired PharmMD’s founders. Fred was an old-fashioned pharmacist who devoted more than 50 years to his passion of bringing health and healing to his customers–not simply selling medicine. Recognizing the value of emerging technology, he envisioned building a real-time information bridge between pharmacists (Pharm) and physicians (MD) to significantly improve patient treatment.

Following Fred’s untimely death in 2005, his brother Clayton McWhorter, a veteran healthcare pioneer, brought Fred’s dream to fruition. In 2006, Clayton teamed with entrepreneur Samuel “Bo” Bartholomew to establish PharmMD in Nashville, TN. With the arrival of successful healthcare executive Robert Yeager as CEO in 2013, PharmMD pressed to the forefront in Medicare Part D Star Ratings improvement, as well as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs.

Today PharmMD remains a leader in quality improvement and a healthcare industry innovator, delivering fast and effective solutions to CMS-regulated health plans and employer groups. Our pioneering technology, proprietary protocols and personalized patient profiles, combined with our outcomes-driven reporting, provide a catalyst for effective medication decisions; ultimately upholding Fred’s vision for improving lives.

With millions of healthier patients as evidence of our success, we invite you to join PharmMD in creating a healthier world.

A Tribute to Our Founder

featured-image-claytonThe late Clayton McWhorter founded PharmMD almost 10 years ago at the behest of his brother Fred McWhorter, with a mission to reduce medication complications and create healthier lives through the appropriate use of medication.  A pharmacist by training, Clayton McWhorter fully understood the need to improve communication across the healthcare continuum so that patients, providers, and pharmacists could provide better care, and eliminate risk.

As the former CEO of HCA, HealthTrust, and founder of many healthcare ventures, McWhorter was a driving force behind the transition of healthcare today as we know it.  As a true innovator focused on the outcome of providing healthcare, McWhorter spearheaded a fundamental transition in the industry from a “get sick” business to a “get well” one.  In doing so, he touched so many lives, and countless numbers of people throughout his business and volunteer affiliations.  By founding PharmMD, McWhorter created a new vision well ahead of its time, but a very relevant one in today’s healthcare continuum.

“Clayton saw the gaps in the health system around proper and appropriate medication use and put his passion and investment into areas that would address this and make the world a better place,” Bo Bartholomew, President of PharmMD added.

McWhorter remained active in the success of PharmMD, one of the two remaining Companies where he held a board position and continued to drive innovative solutions through his presence until his passing.  As a result, many of us at PharmMD remember him less so as our founder, and more as a friend and father-figure.  For that, and everything he embodied, he will be dearly missed.

“Clayton’s singular passion to give back and mentor others made him one of the greatest men I have had the pleasure of knowing,” added PharmMD CEO, Bob Yeager.

The mission that McWhorter kick-started 10 years ago will now, more than ever, push forward in making his vision a profound reality in our national healthcare system.  For that, we are forever grateful. We will make you proud.

Executive Team

  • Robert Yeager

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Doug Berry

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Victor Mattingly

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Kent Holdcroft

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Cyndi Alexander, CPHQ

    VP, Quality and Star Ratings Improvement
  • Kempton Presley

    VP, Business Information Solutions & Client Performance
  • J.R. Garrett

    General Counsel

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Goodman

    Chairman of the Board, PharmMD; Partner, The Riverside Company
  • Robert Yeager

    Chief Executive Officer, PharmMD
  • Samuel “Bo” Bartholomew III

    President, PharmMD
  • Brian Sauer

    Vice President, The Riverside Company
  • Jim Lackey

    Chief Executive Officer, Enable Comp
  • Mike Kane

    President, Kestrel Asset Fund
  • Stuart McWhorter

    Co-Founder and Chairman, Clayton Associates
  • Chip Kahn

    President, Federation of American Hospitals


  • David Quandt

    VP, Business Development
  • Mackey Long

    VP, Business Development
  • Joe Porter

    VP, Business Development