Archive: September 2016

Part D Plan Lost Opportunities to Cash in on Cost-Savings

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans must offer Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions and high drug expenditures according to a recently published Health Affairs Study. In the same study, enrollment rates for the MTM average a miserable 10 percent in 2012 largely due the plan sponsors crafting their eligibility criteria.

Paying for Prescription Drugs that Work

Makers of the epinephrine auto-injector, EpiPen, are facing backlash due to a drastic increase in price from the millions of Americans who need this life-saving drug during an anaphylactic reaction. In 2007, the EpiPen was a little more than $100 and now is over $600.

The Hidden Healthcare Security Tsunami

Criminal enterprises, foreign governments, and underworld hacking organizations come to mind when the subjects of security and data breaches are mentioned. We concern ourselves with state secrets, financial institutions and our family member’s personal identities on social media, but many of us seldom give thought to the value of something as seemingly innocent as our medical records. The little-spoken fact is that our medical records can be worth as much as ten times that of our credit cards on the information black market. What is the risk to us and who is looking out for security?