Archive: October 2015

PharmMD StarSolutions Drives Year-Over-Year Part D Star Rating Performance Improvement

An increasing number of plans are turning to PharmMD’s StarSolutions suite of products to more effectively manage their Part D ratings. Our sophisticated Part D Star Rating analytics and services suite can be tailored to meet an individual plan’s needs, and is specifically designed to remove barriers associated with achieving improved outcomes. Combining Star Rating member outreach with in-depth analytics allows PharmMD to prioritize members based on their adherence levels, and predict what interventions are needed to target the at-risk population down to the member level. This ensures that the most critical members are receiving the right message at the right time to enact positive change.

The Cost of Non-Adherence

Cost is a factor among 15% of the non-adherent. When prescriptions cost more than a patient expects at the pharmacy, they are likely to go home without their medication. Uninsured patients are also likely to not fill their prescriptions due to the high cost of their medication. Some people skip their medication regimens to save money but often do not realize that this can lead to bigger health problems, which means spending more money on hospitalizations or emergency room trips. At PharmMD we identify these issues through clinical intervention and work with the individual to help mitigate cost issues.