Archive: August 2015

Nashville – The Epicenter of Health Care

The healthcare industry is Nashville’s largest employer and PharmMD is proud to be a part of this growing community. In 2014, the Nashville health care industry provided 249,345 total jobs and contributes $38.8 billion to the local economy annually. It often comes as a surprise to some that Nashville is not just the home of country music, it is also the home of health care.

The Trillion Dollar Challenge

[By Kent Holdcroft, SVP, Sales & Marketing] Medication adherence is something that is often overlooked and with more than 50% of Americans living with one or more chronic diseases, the need to improve health outcomes is greater than ever. Nearly $0.75 of every dollar spent on healthcare is related to chronic illnesses. This amounts to a total of $1.7 trillion in healthcare spend.

Bringing Pharmacy to the Forefront of Population Health

[By Victor Mattingly, Chief Technology Officer] For almost a decade, PharmMD has been the leader in Performance Based, Part D Star Compliance and Improvement as well regulatory solutions for Medication Therapy Management (CMRs). These services were traditionally directed toward the payer and provider communities.