Connecting Patients, Providers and Pharmacists

We helped write the book on effective Medication Therapy Management in this data-driven age, now central to Star Ratings success. We partner with local clinicians and pharmacists to educate on healthy habits, remove barriers and intervene personally to keep members fully compliant. From correcting misfiled claims to monitoring your specific group for individual disease risks and medication conflicts, we put people first, one person at a time.

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The role of medications being used to properly manage health and to deliver clinical outcomes has never had more importance in the American healthcare system. Managing medications correctly is a $5+ Billion market (not including manufacturing and distribution). Pharmacy Quality, as we define it, encompasses everything around the accurate and effective use of medications for patients that actually need them for their health conditions.

star ratingsIncrease Revenue – Performance-based Results

Reduce Risk – Less Member Abrasion & At-Risk Partnerships

Faster – Real-time Analytics & High Member Adherence

Easier – Coordinated Call Prioritization & Clinical Intervention

Lower Operating Costs – Scalable Workforce 

PharmMD continues our mission as a leader in quality improvement and a healthcare industry innovator, delivering fast and effective solutions to CMS-regulated health plans and risk-bearing entities, including employer groups. Our pioneering technology and proprietary protocols combined with our outcomes-driven reporting, provide a catalyst for effective medication decisions – ultimately upholding our founder’s vision for improving lives. With millions of healthier members as evidence of our success, we invite you to join PharmMD in creating a healthier world.